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white stands slightly better black stands slightly better
white has the upper hand black has the upper hand
white has a decisive advantage black has a decisive advantage
even unclear
with compensation for the material development advantage
greater board room with attack
with initiative with counter-play
zugzwang mate
a very good move an excellent move
a mistake a blunder
a move deserving attention a dubious move
with the idea only move
better is file
diagonal centre
king's side queen's side
weak point ending
pair of bishops bishops of opposite color
bishops of the same color united pawns
separated pawns double pawns
passed pawn advantage in number of pawns
time 67/196 Chess Informant
E 12 Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings 3/b Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings
N a novelty (ch) championship
(izt) interzonal tournament (ct) candidates' tournament 
(m) match (ol) olympiad
corr. correspondence game RR editorial comment
R various moves with
without etc.