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Europe Americas Asia Africa and Oceania 
Austria 24h Canada 48h China 48h Australia 3 days
Denmark 24h Costa Rica 3 days Dubai (UAR) 3 days New Zealand 4 days
England 24h Mexico 48h Japan 48h    
Finland 24h USA, Florida 48h India 3 days Kenya 3 days
France 24h USA, Hawaii 4 days Macau 5 days South Africa 48h
Germany 24h USA, Illinois 48h Philippines 3 days    
Ireland 24h USA, Nevada 48h Singapore 48h    
Italy 24h USA, New York 24h Sri Lanka 48h    
Netherlands 24h     Vietnam 4 days    
Portugal 24h Brazil 48h        
Russia 24h Colombia 48h        
Scotland 24h Chile 3 days        
Slovakia 24h Equador 3 days        
Spain 24h Suriname 4 days        
Sweden 24h