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System Of Signs


² white stands slightly better » king's side
³ black stands slightly better « queen's side
± white has the upper hand × weak point
µ black has the upper hand ¬ ending
+ white has a decisive advantage pair of bishops
+ black has a decisive advantage ® bishops of opposite color
= even ˉ bishops of the same color
÷ unclear united pawns
© with compensation for the material separated pawns
development advantage Þ double pawns
greater board room þ passed pawn
with attack > advantage in number of pawns
ƒ with initiative time
with counter-play 87/203 Chess Informant
zugzwang E 12 Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings
# mate ¦ 3/b Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings
! a very good move N a novelty
!! an excellent move (ch) championship
? a mistake (izt) interzonal tournament
?? a blunder (ct) candidates' tournament
!? a move deserving attention (m) match
?! a dubious move (ol) olympiad
with the idea corr. correspondence game
only move RR editorial comment
¹ better is R various moves
file ª with
diagonal º without
centre || etc.