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What is Informant?

This is the Periodical the Pros Use, and all the entertainment and fun a true chess fan could want is inside: the games, the openings, the variations, the combinations and studies, the creative insights of our contributors.
Chess Informant brings tons of valuable resources for months of reading pleasure.

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Legend Lives On - Since 1966

US No.1 Hikaru Nakamura recommends Chess Informant 126 Hand-Knitted!

Grandmasters' point of view

No humility here. Nowadays, this is the best international chess periodical money can buy. High-end articles with deep analysis are counter-balanced by others, also written by grandmasters, which provide move-by-move explanatory comments.

In our publication, chess grandmasters are always at the forefront. The job of our team of experienced international editors is merely to create a supportive environment where the work of our chess heroes can shine in full splendour.

Photo: GM Hikaru Nakamura (London, December 2015)

No long-term obligation

We offer an easy cancelling policy - no explanation necessary. Instead of paying a subscription for a year or two at a time, which involves an immediate and significant outlay of money, you can pay every third month and receive exclusive subscribers' bonuses!

Magnus Carlsen on the backcover of Chess Informant 122

Alexander Morozevich on the backcover of Chess Informant 121

Popular science - not tabloid

Do you care about who was sitting in the tournament audience, who smiled at whom and why, and who might be the champion's new girlfriend?

If the answer is no, that's very good  -  you are qualified to read this publication! All the entertainment and fun a true chess fan could want is inside: the games, the openings, the variations, the combinations and studies, the creative insights of our contributors.

Suitable for kids?

If you are a parent or a coach, please be aware that the new-style Informants are packed with all sorts of topical and instructional articles, accompanied by commentaries on recent chess games played all over the world.

Indeed, everything is written in clear English and presented with the learning curve in mind. Furthermore, to add an interactive element, there are dozens of test yourself chess quizzes, freely downloadable.

Chess Informant 126 Hand-Knitted

"Children of the Informant"

The biggest names in chess, Garry Kasparov among others, used to say: " We are Children of the Informant." And new generations of world class players are keeping that tradition alive today. We have been reaching out to the entire chess world for half a century.

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Indeed, everything in Informant is written in plain Englishand presented with the learning curve in mind.


  • @kasparov63: Game 4 demonstrated exactly what I wrote for my last @ChessInformant column: The Berlin is a sharp & rich middlegame, not an ending.
    Just after the end of the dramatic game of the World Championship match between Anand and Carlsen, Garry Kasparov tweets from the battlefield in Chennai! Read in Chess Informant 118.

Chess Informant 124

Expert player

If you’re an active, titled or expert player, then you are almost certainly looking for chess material that will give you the edge over your opponent in your next club or tournament game. Well, please be assured that each and every Chess Informant is made up of articles written by your brothers-in-arms! These are not only famous grandmasters but also personalities who are highly respected in professional circles, where anyone who is anyone in the chess world is given due and rightful recognition.

Our contributors write with heart and soul and do not cheat their readers by artificially lowering the level of their work just to appeal to the widest possible audience. Here, delivered with honesty and integrity, you will find original ideas and instructive analysis and commentaries, eminently useful for practical play. And this claim is not intended as hyped-up commercial advertisement but merely as a statement of fact, silently endorsed by the number of very strong players who are included among our subscribers.

Alexander Morozevich with Chess Informant 124

Chess coach

Perhaps you are a chess coach. If so, you will need to have at your fingertips up-to-date and top-notch material for everyday training, so that you can provide your students with the best possible opportunities for advancement. You may not be aware that the new-style Informants, whilst still including a large number of topical games annotated with our traditional languageless symbols, are now also packed with a wide variety of educational articles supported by games thoroughly annotated in words!

Actually, any column in Chess Informant can be used as a lesson, or indeed many lessons. Furthermore, to add an interactive element, we also regularly produce dozens of chess quizzes which can be used to test students. These are based on material published in the latest Informants and are downloadable free of charge.

Hawaii chess kids with Chess Informants

Parent of a chess-playing kid

Maybe you are a parent of an enthusiastic chess-playing boy or girl and want to provide them with self-study material to nurture their talent to the full and beyond any artificial constraints that may have been unjustly placed upon them! Indeed, everything in Informant is written in plain English and presented with the learning curve in mind.

You surely will not want to waste your time, energy and money on third-rate material, when Chess Informant is readily available for your kid to learn from properly and with tuition from the best the chess world has to offer! Youngsters should be given the chance to embrace the winning chess techniques and ways of thinking of those who have already tried and tested them successfully in high class competition – and this is what we aim to provide.

Dragon Sicilian

Chess enthusiast

You may be happy just to remain a keen chess enthusiast who loves the mental challenge that chess provides. Because of your busy working schedule you cannot afford the time it takes to surf the internet in search of accurate and reliable information on current tournament play and latest chess trends. And, even if you do go online, you find yourself becoming increasingly irritated by the prevalence of superficial chess commentaries, which cannot possibly satisfy your intellectual needs.

So why not take it easy, sit down, relax and enjoy chess at your own pace in the comfort of your own home by reading our quarterly publication. Reviewing the state of world chess every third month is a reasonable period of time to stay tuned to your beloved game, and without adversely impacting on your obligations to your professional work and family. Quite simply, Chess Informant makes life much easier for you by distilling from topical chess events the most interesting and most valuable examples of contemporary chess theory and practice.

The new-look informant


I enjoyed a lot the columns of Morozevich and Sokolov, but what I found the most amazing is the quality of the issue overall, even the work done by the 'less known people' is of the highest quality. Chess Informant is the first source I use when I want to study - or enjoy - chess.

Fabien R.


I have always been a fan of Chess Informants. I have many fond memories of sitting down with an Informant and chess set, methodically going through the games. But these new Informants are both useful and a lot of fun. Although I cherish the old Informants, I like these new ones even better.

John K.



I would go so far as to say that this section, considered as a magazine covering top-level chess, knocks every other one I've seen into a cocked hat.

IM John Cox

UK, Review in CHESS magazine, December 2015 | Read More

Personally I enjoy reading the print edition and playing through on my travel set, but playing along in Chessbase or a PGN viewer is a great way to quickly explore variations or to try new ideas along with the professional analysis in the magazine.

Wesley Surber

USA, Review at Campfire Chess, October 2015 | Read More


The overall quality is very high, and the blend of traditional material with the new has brought this fine old periodical back to relevance.

Dennis Monokroussos

I welcome Chess Informant back as a first-class yearbook.

Karsten Hansen

Highly recommended. There is enough material here to keep one busy for several months.

John Donaldson

Are chess books still relevant in the computer age?
In the case of the Informant, the answer is yes, and now more than ever.

John Hartmann

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Thanks to your continual support we are able to deliver the highest quality chess content – which means we are actively supporting hundreds of chess professionals who are contributing to your favourite periodical.

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Alexander Morozevich - Chess Informant

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Alexander Morozevich - Chess Informant

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Alexander Morozevich - Chess Informant

Alexander Morozevich

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