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Paramount Database by Chess Informant is a unique historical collection of annotated chess games which will serve as a premium quality database for daily use by competitive players.
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While Paramount is not intended to match the massive amount of material offered by similar databases on the market, it is the jewel that will differentiate your preparation from a great many others.

best games

Chess Informant's concept has always been about selection – to preserve and highlight the best examples of human creativity. Quite simply, here you will find the best games.

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Non-verbal chess symbols are employed to analyse all the games, the majority of which are annotated by the players themselves, including world champions and virtually all the biggest names in chess since 1965.

human touch

Paramount is the finest chess database on the market. It has been constructed with love and care, not by computers but by generations of experts, utilizing standard processes that have been continually improved and perfected over time.

Please ensure that you have installed your favourite chess database management program before using Paramount.
The product contains the files for use by ChessBase (Windows) through the installation process. Additionally, it contains PGN files for use by any PGN viewer on Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. Paramount does not need any dedicated software; it is designed to be used by almost every popular free or commercial program on the market.


MegaDatabase is a good deal, but an even better deal is the new "Paramount Chess Database". In Mega there are 59 games annotated by Garry Kasparov; in Paramount, 630. Mega has 268 games annotated by Viswanathan Anand, while Paramount has 507. Vladimir Kramnik? 64 vs, 442. There are only ten games annotated by Bobby Fischer in the Paramount database, but guess what?
That's ten more than you'll find in Mega.

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Paramount is designed to offer you easy access to the entire database – to each individual Informant – to games played by prominent players and world champions – to annotators of games – to openings of games according to the ECO code – to the most popular openings and variations – to the “golden games” as voted by a grandmaster jury, etc.
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About Chess Informant

The fine old gentleman is back, fresher than ever!
since 1966.

The biggest names in chess, Garry Kasparov among others, used to say: " We are Children of the Informant." And new generations of world class players are keeping that tradition alive today. We have been reaching out to the entire chess world for half a century.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chess Informant were pioneers in the development of modern chess publishing. We raised the standard of professionalism in both the speed and quality of our published analysis which led to other companies also smartening up their act. Although for a great many years we remained a world leader, later we seemed to be more like a dying dinosaur. But…guess what? The fine old gentleman is back, fresher than ever!

  • Chess Informant Periodical

    In contrast to monthly magazines, Informant offers readers a scientific approach to chess.

  • Founders of ECO code

    ECO code became a worldwide standard for classification of chess openings.

  • encyclopedical editions

    Openings (5 volumes), Endings (5 volumes), Combinations, Miniatures, Problems...

  • 35 millions books sold

    The Legend Lives On.

  • Bobby Fischer and Chess Informant 13
  • Garry Kasparov and Chess Informant 114


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Treat yourself with the best chess world have to offer.


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(In)frequently Asked Questions

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So, what exactly is a chess database? What do I use it for?

Generally speaking, a chess database is a collection of useful reference material, such as games, annotations and analyses. It is an essential tool for any player preparing for a tournament game. A database should not only keep you up to date with chess theory and practice but also provide insights into a prospective opponent’s playing style, opening repertoire, strong and weak points, etc, thereby making it a kind of chess ID card! In fact Paramount offers even more than this – apart from its chronologically arranged archive material it also offers further practical guidance for competitive players.

I don’t see any value in non-verbal annotations with chess symbols, as I can do all this on my own with a powerful computer.

Well, it’s not as simple as that. It’s not about computers but human intelligence, knowledge and experience. And if you go it alone, then you will suffer a slow-down in your overall chess progress. You know, the biggest secret of professional players lies in their energetic use of non-verbal annotations. These provide important chess data that is rapidly assimilated by the brain, since it is not distracted, cluttered or confused by peripheral material.
Therefore all the games in Paramount are annotated with the traditional non-verbal Informant chess symbols. Moreover, since the latest Informants (since Volume 110) also have magazine-style content, in Paramount the annotations to games in these articles have been converted to chess symbols too, simply because a magazine and a database have quite different objectives and are not used for the same purposes.

But why haven’t you included millions of games like so many other databases?

In the name of honesty and integrity we do not appreciate commercial ventures that effectively offer to sell you fresh air or green grass. What we are pleased to offer is hand-crafted work by experts. We have every right to make this claim as our contributors have received a fair day’s pay to annotate games to the best of their ability. If this were not the case, their submissions would never have been accepted in the first place and, anyway, would you expect Mikhail Tal or Bobby Fischer to deliver second rate analysis when they know their work will be closely scrutinized by their colleagues?

I’ve heard of databases that contain millions, billions or quadrillions of games. Are they a better deal than Paramount?

In contrast to commercial databases that offer vast numbers of freely accessible games with no analysis, Paramount is a triumph of quality over quantity. Here you won’t find games with inaccurate moves, games that are incomplete, games with the wrong final result, games without any moves at all (!), games that make no sense, games that no human being has ever examined, games that publishers failed to verify, etc. Let’s just say it loud and clear: Paramount is a garbage-free database.

So does this mean that Paramount will replace the database I have already bought or have access to?

You can use Paramount alongside your existing database, the more so that in the modern world of competitive chess you will only benefit from having more than one source of information. Paramount is not a replacement but a big layer of rich icing on top of the cake. True, a database of millions of games will enable you to access almost every player on Earth, but with Paramount you get the best games, annotated by the best players, as well as an associated highest quality opening book. Paramount is doing all the hard work for you by distilling the most significant chess developments in games played over the past 50 years.

If I buy Paramount will I be able to add games from new Informants to it in the future?

We are currently preparing a special subscription offer for all purchasers of Paramount. So welcome to the Chess Informant community – a worldwide fellowship of artistic, scientific and competitive minds!

Who are your annotators?

You can find a sample selection below, together with the total number of games each grandmaster has analysed for Chess Informant over the years. The list is enormous – there are 3512 annotators in total.

Just a quick glance at the list of annotators shows how gigantic is this half-century Chess Informant project:

Botvinnik (29 games), Smyslov (130), Tal (372), Petrosian (510), Spassky (17), Fischer (10), Karpov (580), Kasparov (630), Anand (507), Ponomariov (136), Topalov (55), Kramnik (442), Chiburdanidze (127), Gligoric (685), Timman (569), Gelfand (517), Adams (428), Larsen (416), Polugaevsky (339), Nunn (317), Shirov (515), Ivanchuk (403)...

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