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Why Advertise in the Chess Informant periodical? 



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1. We reach the preferred target audience of our advertisers  

Chess Informant is all about serious chess-related content and it is this that attracts the world-wide attention of chess players, from beginners to champions. 

2. Global circulation

We deliver to six continents, through both a distribution network and our own online store.

3. We reach thousands of chess fans with every issue

There are thousands of direct customers out there. However, Chess Informant is also frequently used by members of chess clubs and other organizations as a resource for extensive use by chess coaches in lessons with their students.

4. We publish four issues a year - without delays!

Advertisers can time or adapt the message they wish to convey in each ad to suit any particular season. Chess Informant publishes four issues a year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and these are distributed in March, June, September and December.

5. Ads in Chess Informant have a greater chance to be seen and read

Our specific format – which has remained the same since Volume 1 published in January 1966 – gives both our ads and our editorial content a distinctive look and thereby greater impact. Because ads are placed alongside appropriate editorial content, they always attract the attention of our readers.

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6. Our magazine is read from cover-to-cover, takes up residence in the home, chess club or library for future reference and is picked up frequently

Our periodical has a long and glorious tradition and generations of chess collectors are proud to have it on their bookshelves. Chess Informant is the authoritative voice of the world of chess. We even continue to sell copies of our earliest issues, published up to 50 years ago. In fact interest in our older editions never ceases. Our authors are world-class players and experts and we offer readers a wide range of editorial features in every issue. Advertisers can be confident that their ads will be read by a broad range of chess enthusiasts. 

7. Readers and advertisers can trust that what we publish is never ever compromised

We do not publish advertorials, neither do we trade ads for articles or invite advertisers to write for our magazine. In that way, readers can trust our independence from our advertisers, and advertisers can be sure we are not giving special treatment to other advertisers.

8. Chess Informant shines a spotlight on the chess scene

Our global presence is focused on chess and chess exclusively. 

9. We do not discount ads in our magazine

Our advertising prices reflect the worth and value of our product. We do offer lower rates for 4-time advertisers. Each of our advertisers can be assured that no other advertiser is getting a better deal than they are.


See advertisement rates, examples and deadlines

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